speaking on the importance of leading from core values at the 2010 Hugh O’Brien Leadership Youth Global Conference

“Working with Janet over this past year has been critical to my personal and professional growth.  I was faced with new challenges and growing opportunities this year.  Often times I find myself moving full steam ahead without time to reflect or be intentional about what it is that I want for myself.  Working with a coach gave me the space to set goals for the year, think about what success would look like in the short and long term, reflect on the progress I made, and think deeply about what my core values are and why.  Janet not only takes you on a journey of discovery and reflection, but does so in a gentle, sensitive and intuitive way.  She asks important questions that ensure it is you who is finding the answers that are right for you.  She really helped me navigate life changing decisions I had to make this year both personally and professionally.  I plan on recommending Janet’s services to friends, family and coworkers; especially those who are in the process of discovery and change.”  – Fatima Djelmane, Associate Director of Proyecto Pastoral (Boyle Heights, CA)

“Janet, I wanted to thank you so very much for working with me. In a short period of time, you have given me much insight, courage, as well as helped reduce my anxiety about ‘what’s next.’ You definitely have a gift for working with people. You are thoughtful and insightful, bold and encouraging. I’m really enjoying the process!” executive director of non-profit (Seattle, WA)

“During a walking coaching session around Silverlake Resevoir, Janet stopped to point out a huge Wizard of Oz-esque 6 foot tall sunflower and asked, ‘What would that sunflower, from its perspective, say about your situation?’ Her simple question led me to my own solution.  Janet has an ability to offer a new frame for viewing an issue, guiding one to their own answer in a way that offers a lasting paradigm for self-empowerment. I hope that more young professionals discover the benefits of coaching with Janet!”  – assistant director of public agency program (Los Angeles, CA)

“Janet is more than an amazing coach; she is a mentor. Her thought-provoking questions, creative exercises and insightful recommendations were instrumental as I planned the next steps in my career path. Janet helped me see and own my strengths and overcome my insecurities. She challenged me to see beyond limitations I had created and move outside of my comfort zone. After several engaging sessions, I took the next step in my career. There is no doubt that Janet played a key role in helping me get there. Janet continues to be a pillar of support, encouragement and knowledge.”   –   program coordinator of public agency (Pasadena, CA)

“Janet brings a thoughtfulness, sensibility, adaptability and warmth to the coaching relationship. She meets me where I’m at — designing coaching sessions based on my needs, my learning style and desired outcomes. She asks helpful, probing questions without judgment and so helps me to explore different ways of thinking about or looking at a particular situation or question. I started working with Janet in the hopes of gaining more clarity about my career next steps. In our work together thus far, our discussions have been so much more holistic, including a deeper exploration of my values, personal strengths and vision for the future.”  –  non-profit consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

“Janet provided me with the kind of support I never really thought I needed and maybe even understood.  Initially, I held a slight hesitation for what her and I were about to embark upon, but in a relatively short amount of time, coaching became a life changing experience for me.  In just a handful of coaching sessions, I learned so much about myself that will not only help me in the short-term as I transition to a new career, but I feel empowered to pursue even greater opportunities and challenges, both professionally and personally.  Her abilities are extraordinary and her method is invaluable.  I may not owe all my future successes to Janet, but I do know that she has made an everlasting impact on me and for this I am filled with gratitude. ” – Angelica Rubio, Activist (New Mexico)

“Janet has helped me gain a much clearer picture of where I want my life to be as I work through my career transition. She possesses a gentle but effective methodology that is both insightful and helps you discover what is possible through appreciative inquiry and self reflection.   She has helped me realize what my personal strengths are and how to utilize those strengths to clarify my new vision and develop a plan for execution. Most importantly, I am now living many components of my vision today.  Janet has a unique gift.  Her gift is her ability to turn your focus to the infinite possibilities that has enabled me to take my career and personal life to the next level.” university professor (Los Angeles, CA)