• Fund Development
     Everyone wants more funding and there IS funding to be had. So how do you allocate your staff time and other resources to the areas that will bring you the best return for your organization? What are your benchmarks?
  • Board Development: Your organization deserves a group of volunteer leaders who represent strong skill sets, support the organization, and who are passionately aligned with the mission and values. Anything short of that and you might want to do a board assessment, evaluation, and create a plan to develop its composition.
  • Organizational Assessment: At what stage of the growth cycle is your organization? What growing pains are there? What is the culture, and how should it be shifted, if at all? How do you use an organizational Dashboard?
  • Strategic Planning: What’s next for your organization?  If this is point A, what is point B? What is needed to get there and how do we align all the key stakeholders around proposed changes?