I heart Telemarketing. No joke.

Have you ever enjoyed your conversation with a telemarketer so much that you hoped they would call you again? Have you had such a positive experience with a telemarketer that you felt compelled to call THEM again to complete a pleasant conversation you had previously?  What alternate universe would you have to live in for this to be even remotely possible?

When I was the development director of a public radio station, the telemarketing company I contracted with for our membership renewal campaign provided such excellent customer service AND employed smart, fun, interesting and knowledgable employees that the situations I described above actually happened.

The first time I received a call from one of our donors requesting the name and the phone number of the telemarketer that called her the previous evening, my heart sank.  I knew I was about to be chewed out like I had been many times before at my previous organization. I was shocked to learn she actually wanted to follow up with her previous night’s caller about an an interesting topic in their conversation… just for fun.

Recently, I received the very sad news that my main contact at this telemarketing company, the founder and Executive Vice President, unexpectedly passed away. While I had been bad at keeping in touch with him after I no longer worked at the radio station, I thought often about the remarkable service he offered the numerous public broadcasting stations across the country. I also miss his corny jokes, his love of life, our shared interests in music and baseball. He was a true colleague and business partner who believed that my organization’s success was his. He bent over backwards to make it work. Who would ever think that one person could alter the way we look at an industry that is plagued with a sleazy reputation? Thank you, Bob.


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