What is Ending and Rebirthing in your Career and Life?

I’m not religious and Good Friday and Easter don’t mean much to me beyond an excuse to eat brightly colored Peeps. However, I do connect with the notion of honoring death and rebirth, an ending and a beginning. Whenever something ends, something new begins whether or not you realize it at the time. As they say, when one door closes, another one opens (it’s just the long hallway in between that gets us!).

As I mourn the ending of a big relationship in my life, I anticipate the beginning of something else. Perhaps it will be a rebirth of something within me. Or something or someone I cannot yet fathom or contemplate. Whatever it is, we can have faith that this will be true, for that is life.

This week, whether you celebrate the holidays or whether you’re like me and will be focused on avoiding as many Peeps and Cadbury Eggs as possible, take a moment to think about how things could be different for you if you were to view each ending in your professional or personal life as a new start. If you say no to something, what might you be saying yes to next?


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