Springtime – time to refresh your job stuff

It’s Spring. Is it time to start anew? Well, it’s at least time to refresh your employment package.

Here are 3 tips to hit “refresh”:

1) Freshen up your resume

  • Does it reflect any new responsibilities, projects, achievements, or milestones? Ideally your resume is ready to go at any moment. After all, you never know!

2) Update your LinkedIn profile

  • Is your profile in sync with your resume? Do they tell the same story? Have you listed your volunteer positions and activities since LinkedIn created that section? Are you seeking testimonials from colleagues, and in return, are you writing some as well?

3) Record your salary history.

  • Are you keeping a reverse chronological record of your year-to-year salaries taking into account any raises and bonuses? Does anyone get bonuses anymore? If you did, make note of it!

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